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Stainless Steel Scratch Removal & Metal Refinishing

Your construction project just got a whole lot easier!

Founded in 2001 we are leading the Australian market with innovative solutions to repair damaged stainless steel and other types of metal surfaces.

We service all of metropolitan Melbourne and SE/Eastern Suburbs, plus further afield for more complex jobs.

Our technicians can repair metal surfaces on any scale.


No project is too large or small.

Our Clients include some of the biggest building & construction companies in Australia

Our quality assured process is accepted by all major manufacturers in Australia.

Industrial, Commercial or Residential Metallic Surface Repair 

Our main services include

Scratch Repair
Removal of Chemical Stains
Graffiti Removal
Apply Protective Film
Restore Finishes,Patinas and Sealants
Stainless Steel Resurfacing
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Metal Surfaces We Repair and Restore Include

Stainless Steel








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Metal Products We Repair & Restore Include

Stainless Steel bbq Restoration
kitchen Sink Scratch Removal
Kitchen Countertops & Cooktops
Fridges & Freezers
Industrial Appliances
Balustrades & Railings
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Where You’ll Find our Work

Public bbq Grill Restoration
Shopping Centres
Industrial & Commercial Kitchens
Public Transport
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Not Just a One-Stop-Shop

When you work with Unscratch the Surface you get the results you deserve with first-class quality service and at an affordable price!

Our qualified team of professionals brings their experience and know-how with them on every job.


What really sets our services apart from the rest of the industry is our expertise in repairing a range of surfaces, not just metal.  From glass, windows & mirrors to polycarbonate and more.

In addition, our attention to detail and the individual needs of each client is unique to the industry.

Save Time and Money

We produce the fastest restoration process in the industry.

As a result, you save time and labour by avoiding costly replacement and re-installation!!

Zero Visible Distortion

With our quality workmanship and superior tools and  product, you will see no discernible distortion once our work is done.

Don’t Replace - Restore!


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Protect Your Stainless Steel & Metal Surfaces from Damage

Our protective film protects metal surfaces against all types of damage including graffiti and vandalism. Used on stainless steel, brushed, bright annealed or mirrored surfaces as well as on bronze, copper, brass, pewter, nickel, zinc or aluminium. A single scratch during manufacturing, shipping or installation can ruin the value of your product. This protective film with its authentic stainless steel look keeps metal surfaces in perfect condition and provides many benefits:


  • A Fast and Affordable Alternative to Repair & Restoration

  • Durable and simple to use.

  • Easily removed and replaced


Applying this sacrificial film on to the original defaced surface provides a brand new looking stainless steel finish without having to repair or replace the original surface. The film is easily removed and replaced in the event of future marking, resulting in a fast and affordable alternative to scratch removal.

If it’s metal we’ve got you covered!

Don’t Replace - Protect!”

An Experienced and Skilled Team

Our workers come with a level of experience and professionalism that is unmatched. We are also proud to be associated with the HIA (Housing Industry of Australia).


Being a part of these esteemed institutions allows us to stay on top of the game and help us do our jobs better.

Quality Assurance Guaranteed

We take the extra steps required to make sure you don’t need consistent touch-ups and fixings.

Keep Your Stainless Steel Looking Great and Maximise its Longevity

All of our work comes with an assurance of quality and requires low maintenance. We offer long term maintenance servicing for replacements or touch-ups if required.

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