Unscratch The Surface’s Easy Off Graffiti Remover is so effective at dissolving graffiti and lifting tags that removal jobs get done in a fraction of the time. The Graffiti Remover is 100% non-hazardous and HSE classification free so COSH assessments take seconds and environmental impact is kept to the very minimum.

The Graffiti Remover comes ready to use straight from the can or can be decanted in to garden or trigger sprays for more efficient application.

Paints, inks and dyes melt when they come in to contact with the powerful formula so there’s no need to carry dozens of different chemicals. Once dissolved all contaminants are held in suspension ready to be pressure washed or wiped away. The Graffiti Remover will fit in with your existing cleaning practices and can knock hours of graffiti removal times.

This product features:


Non animal tested
Non hazardous under COSHH & CHIP 11 Regulations
Fully biodegradable – Environmentally friendly
Low volatility – Safe to use
Effective against Spray paints, Permanent markers, felt tip, ball-point pen, etc.
Water rinsable – permits easy removal
Low odour – pleasant to use
Non flammable
Cost effective – ready to use, concentrated remover