Maintenance - Protective Skins for Windows

To keep your ProtectiveSKINS at its best, please use the following maintenance requirements:


DO prevent, as much as is possible, mortar / render splashing onto window


DO clean windows daily and remove mortar / render build-up from membrane


DO use light hose or wet sponge to remove debris from membrane


DO, for best results, place painters paper or tape over membrane on frame when rendering/painting reveals


DO wet down membrane on windows with light hose or sponge before removing


DO remove by starting at one corner and carefully peeling the membrane off in whole sections


DO use additional water to remove from frame


DO use additional water to remove mortar/render that has set


DO wash down surrounding areas removing all membrane from pavers, brickwork and concrete


DO place all removed membrane in nearest receptacle


DO take Special Care when removing pressure sensitive tape. Any adhesive residue should be removed with an approved surface cleaner. Adhesive residue must not be left to dry. If tape is not professionally removed damage to the surface is possible


DO  remove membrane prior to pressure brick cleaning


DO NOT allow large lumps of mortar/render to set on window


DO NOT let removed membrane dry on finished surfaces


DO NOT rub edge of trowel along window frame when rendering reveals if membrane has not cured


Membrane becomes elastic in hot temps and stiff in cold temps. Removal is easier in mild temps or with the use of additional water.