Protecting Stainless Steel Against Acid Etching

Metal Shield is a revolutionary new product that protects your stainless steel against all types of vandalism. This product is a sacrificial film with an authentic stainless steel look.

For use on all stainless steel surfaces!

Apply Metal Shield on all surfaces, including Elevators, Escalators, Fridges, Benchtops, Poles, Bathrooms, Public Transport, Hospitals and many more...

If its stainless steel we can protect it!

This sacrificial film is applied to your surface, renewing the defaced surface. The refreshed surface will show a brand new looking stainless steel finish without having to repair or replace the original surface.


This film is easily removed and replaced in the event of future marking, resulting in a fast and affordable alternative to scratch removal.

Dont Replace Your Stainless Steel - We Can Repair It!


Bonus Feature: Install this film on any surface to upgrade your look to a modern and updated "Stainless Steel" look!