If you’re involved within the construction industry and want to keep valuable and important surfaces protected from unnecessary building costs and repairs, Protective Skins is a high-quality peelable coating designed specifically for the temporary protection of surfaces during the construction phase.

Our revolutionary formula replaces the outdated and ineffective technique of crude liner materials, using a non-hazardous and environmentally friendly chemical that moulds and sticks to surfaces you want to protect to create an outer skin that will protect against damages.

Our product range does not scuff and can be easily peeled off when no longer needed after construction, without leaving any residue and having effectively worked to protect your valuable surfaces to save you time and money through a reduction in cleaning, repair or replacement costs.

Applying Protective Skins to expensive surfaces prone to damage, costs less than you may think. Cost aware businesses are quickly ascertaining that they can’t afford NOT to protect these surfaces and indeed their bottom line. Protective Skins is sensibly priced and readily available.

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