Security Window Film

Make your windows more durable and weather-resistant with our glass safety and security films. Unscratch The Surfaces helps you reinforce your glass by applying state of the art security window films to your surfaces.


                                                     Glass Safety Film 

Our safety films match the Australian standard and are approved to help strengthen your glass surfaces.

Our films:


  1. Prevent excessive damage to your glass windows

  2. Reduces and stop constant scratching and tainting of your surfaces

  3. Makes it difficult for your glass to break

  4. Reduces the chance of any type of glass-related destruction

  5. Add a layer of security to your homes that add to your peace of mind


                                                     Glass Security Film

You can get them in the form of a clear or tinted film, as per your requirements. With our films, you can ensure there will be less damage in case of any accidents or break-ins, as the films hold together any shattered glass if it does break.


Add to your well being and safety by adding one of our films to your home or office. To find out more about our glass films for safety and security, you can email us at or give us a call at 1300500408.