Safety Alert - How Safe Are You and Your Assets?

Windows and glass can be seen as a potential weak link when it comes to security, but an application of specialist window film can provide an effective barrier; serving to deliver increased security as well as peace of mind.

Have a look at this video where our security film is being tested.

After a bout of ram-raids in Melbourne, it is costing building owners, shop owners and insurance companies thousands of dollars in clean-up costs.

Last month (May, 2016 ) in a Glen Waverley Shopping Centre, it was reported that thieves smashed into the shopping centre, causing over $50,000 in damage to the complex and got away with nothing.

In March this year, it was a Telstra shop in Craigieburn.

Security Film can be applied to existing glass, negating the need for expensive new glazing and with a range of grades and finishes, there is a film that is suitable for every situation.

Because it is optically clear and non-reflective it can be used in conjunction with our other films such as Tinting, Anti-Graffiti, or Solar Film without changing the look of your windows and doors.

Available in a range of thicknesses – 2 mil – 14 mil, our Israeli-made security film will allow the glass to withstand an amount of impact, serving to slow down and deter intruders, whilst also providing protection against accidental damage.

If you are eager to keep your property safe without the security bars, grills or roller-shutters call us and we’ll be right there to help you keep your assets safe.

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