Protecting Your Building During Construction

Protecting Your Windows During Construction

Window Protection – Protective Skins for Windows

What is it?

Protective Skins for Windows delivers a weather resistant temporary surface protection to most non-porous surfaces. It protects against possible damage caused by cement, paint or render spatter, welding and grinding flecks as well as other damage caused during the building, renovating and cleaning process.

Protective Skins for Windows is easily applied by brush, roller or spray. By applying this paint it should eliminate the need for repairs or replacement.

With a tough and skin-tight protection it offers protection throughout a construction phase and is easily removed in a uniform sheet.

Best of all, this water based, non-toxic paint is non-flammable, environmentally friendly and will not become easily detached like other alternative temporary surface protection products.

Get our technicians to come out after your windows are installed to protect them OR you can purchase 15 litre tins.

Why should you use Protective Skins for Windows?

Protective Skins for Windows will protect your glass and frames against: Mortar, render, plaster, paint Dirt, dust, mud & grime

Most solvents

Light impact

Acid rain

Grinding & welding flecks

Don’t let your windows look like this:

Concrete damaged windows - Window Protection

Reduce time and money for on-site cleaning before hand over.

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