Protective NanoSkin - Do You Have Self Cleaning Glass?

Technically, you would imagine shower screens would be self-cleaning. They are splashed with water everyday. But week in, week out, ask the average house cleaner if they clean clients showers and they will say…. Of Course!

Protective Skins Australia use the revolutionary self cleaning film for use on all glass surfaces byNanoSKIN. By having Protective NanoSKIN installed on your glass it means you wont have to clean anymore.

Self Cleaning Glass

NanoSKIN is a unique transparent water repellent nanotechnology for both internal and external glass and ceramic surfaces. Nano-particles adhere directly to the surface and self-assemble into an invisible, ultra-thin, three dimensional mesh which provides a hydrophobic (water repellent) surface.

The glass maintains its original clarity, while being protected against the elements. The product lasts anywhere from 3 to 5 years depending on the age and the condition of the glass.

The most wonderful benefits of this amazing product is:

1, It is water and dirt repellant.

2, It is scratch resistant.

3, It has self cleaning power.

Can you imagine your pool fence with no water stains, your showers with no soap scum and water scale? NanoSKIN is perfect for glass doors and windows, shower screens, pool balustrades, glass balconies, vehicle windows, skylights, solar panels, ceramic baths, basins and wall tiles.

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