How Scratch Removal Can Help Save You Money

Lets run through this scenario – Does this sound familiar to you??

An insured owns an expensive home with numerous custom windows. He hired a window washer with 25-plus years of experience to clean and wash the windows. While removing plaster and varnish from the windows, he scratched most of them. Not on purpose of course – but these things happen!

Save Money Repairing Windows

What USUALLY happens? Most insurance companies will replace that glass. This takes time to measure, cut and install. It also can cost thousands of dollars – and costs the environment.

There is a COST EFFECTIVE alternative to glass replacement.

Don’t Replace Your Glass – Restore It!

Unscratch The Surface can restore your glass with no discernible damage. With six technicians spread over metropolitan Melbourne so you can save time on replacement and have technicians onsite within 48 hours – subject to approval.

Case Study on Savings:

Recently we were asked by a leading builder to inspect a site in Balwyn that had a number of windows that had scratches on them.

What we found out:

An Investigation showed that there were 15 panes that were damaged . The amount of damage ranged per pane from areas of 210mm x 300mm to total damage on some panes that were 2100mm x 1150mm. The quote to replace windows was in excess of $6500. The quote for repair was $3370

What this means:

Price: The repair saved the builder approx 50% of the cost of replacement Time: The repair saved weeks on the replacement cost Environment: Repair saved the environment as most damaged glass ends as landfill and can take up to 1million years to degrade.

Unscratch The Surface are able to repair damage ranging from site damage through to vandalism stain removal and even angle grind and weld burns.

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