Summer is Coming - Beat the Rush

Summer is coming here in Victoria. The weather is starting to warm up. How welcoming is it now? How about Mid January? Here at Maulex Industries we are always looking out for our customers - our fellow Victorians - and we recommend having your Solar Tint installed this spring.

Window tinting is installed to the inside of your home or office windows. This make installation faster and easier and it also lasts longer, having not being exposed to the elements of the outdoors. Its main job is to reflect the harsh summer heat.

Solar Tint Energy Saving

Save on your energy bills this summer season. Solar tinting decreases the heat that comes streaming through your


Sun exposure can also lead to deterioration of the skin and cause premature ageing. Protect and control you and your family or staff from sun exposure when indoors.

The damaging sun can also lead to damaging your furniture and office equipment. Your unprotected carpets and furniture will be fading and your wood will eventually warp if exposed for a period of time.

Last but not least solar tint can also give you privacy. Protect your privacy without blocking your view of the outdoors.

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