Product Showcase - Shower Protect

A new way to clean your shower. Use this Australian made product once and theres no need to scrub your shower again*! For up to 5 years!

This kit comes with a scratch free scrub, a lint free micro fibre cleaning cloth for drying, and abrasive cleaner and the glass coating. You wont need anything extra to complete your shower protection.

Here is how its done:

Step 1, Clean down your shower screen with the non-scratch scrub cloth with the CL40 Abrasive Glass Cleaner. This will remove all the soap scum, salt residue and other pollutants on the glass.

Step 2, Thoroughly dry your glass. Do this with the micro-fibre cloths that come in your box.

Step 3, When your glass is dry, open the sachet of Glass Coating and apply to your glass, applying in a circular motion ensuring your glass is completely coated.

Step 4, Keep buffing in the product until the glass is crystal clear. Your shower glass will now repel dirt, water, lime scale and soap scum for up to 5 years.

NOTE: Please ensure adequate ventilation is available when applying.

This kit covers 4 - 6m2 of glass.

Also, for use on glass pool fences, glass balustrade, glass splash backs, retail shopfronts, car windscreens and windows.

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*Recommended a light wipe down once a week or fortnight.