Benefits of Installing Privacy Film on Your Windows and Doors

If you work in an office, a retail space or even at home - you can improve your life and productivity by installing a privacy film.

Glass walls are increasingly becoming a trend and while giving an elegant and distinct look, you may face compromised privacy issues. However you can eliminate these issues by installing privacy film. This thin layer of film doesn't sacrifice any illumination.

Benefits of installing Privacy Films are:

1, Reduces Glare - Direct sunlight is valuable everywhere and it makes you feel great while reducing the need to use artificial lights. But too much sunlight can sometimes create an uncomfortable glare and heat which makes it quite difficult to work , sleep or relax without drawing down the curtains or closing the blinds especially, during the summer season. Using window tint privacy film will help you get rid of this excessive sunlight and save your eyes from harsh sun exposure.

2, Adds personal space and privacy. In a small office with glass partitions with the addition of a frosted film, you can avoid any unwanted interference as well as providing some personal space.

3, Transform your old setting to a new ambience. Take a look at the photos below on the difference some tinting can make to a glass office.

Space Furniture Before & After Privacy Film Installation.

4, Filter the UV rays -Your customers or employees probably wouldn’t think to wear sunscreen indoors, so it’s fairly safe to assume they wouldn’t apply SPF 30 before entering your premises. But the sunlight streaming in that increases the ambiance also allows ultraviolet radiation in through the windows, which contributes to a person’s daily accumulation of sun exposure.

5, Energy efficiency - SolarZone energy-efficient window films filter solar radiation passing through glass to effectively reduce heat buildup, so interiors stay cooler and HVAC systems have a lower workload. The energy-saving proposition is simple: When HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) systems don’t have to work so hard to heat or cool the room, that’s a saving in energy — and money.

6, Projects a new stylish appearance - If you are needing a re-vamp of your space, decorative films are a great way to bring a new look to an outdated appearance. Glass Protection Australia has 100's of different patterns and styles for everyones needs and


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