Energy Saving Window Film - How Does It Work?

On average, Australian homes spend up to 40% of their total energy bill on heating and cooling. Eliminating the need for artificial heating and cooling can largely be obtained by strategically planned windows and doors. If these are designed incorrectly, it will quickly heat or cool your home and place of business at the wrong time of the year.

Heat gain through an unshaded window during the summer can be up to 100 times greater than through an insulated wall in the same area! By installing window tint to your windows, you will reduce the amount of heat entering through the glass. Take a look at the diagram below:

Energy Reducing Window Tinting

Clearly you can see by installing energy efficient window tinting, solar heat and UV rays are reflected, controlling the amount of heat that enters the premises without sacrificing visible light.

Our Solar Window Film will reflect 55% of solar energy, 32% will be absorbed into the glass which leaves only 13% of solar energy transmitted through the glass.

How much light is sacrificed?

The darker your solar window film is, the less light is let through your glass. 70% of visible light is exactly the amount needed for the eye to not be able to tell the difference between a clear window and a solar film window, between unfiltered sunlight and sunlight that won't heat up your home or office nor damage your skin.

Not only does solar film reflect the strong summer sun, it will also act as a security film. If your window is damaged or broken you will have an added bonus of keeping your glass together, protecting your family or colleagues against the unthinkable damage that can be caused by shattered glass.

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