Tapes - More than meets the eye...

After a very intense training session with Colin from Tenacious Tapes, I came away with a mind-boggling new scope of tapes. Taping is not only for the internal painter that is trying to prevent his paint from getting on to our precious glass - tapes are for everyone. We discussed the different needs of a masking tape to a tape being used for surface protection but also how some tapes could do both.

Here are a few key words that were flying around: differential, cohesive, adhesive, tack, microns, PE, PVC, Japanese paper tape.... shall I go on!!

Tapes are not a simple thing! It is a monster - full of complexity, but guess what! We are now the experts. We can now solve all your problems in this department and also learned of solving problems you didn't know you even had!

All surfaces are different as to the amount of adhesive that is required. Treated carpets require more adhesion than a window. In fact, we have a tape that has the smallest amount of adhesion and works like static electricity.

We spoke a lot about the surfaces that we would normally protect, and we now think of our tapes as an "insurance policy". Its an investment in your valuable surfaces and it all comes down to how much do you spend on your "Cover" - for example, if you want a cheap cover, you'll get a cheap product.

So, when selecting the right tape, we always need to think of what the

consequences would be if your surface got damaged when making the decision about what we are going to use to protect it? Would you buy a cheap surface protection for your $XX,000.00 Caesarstone benchtop just to have tape residue left behind? This causes much time, effort and money to remove it without damaging your surface.

We supply quality tapes that are suitable for all your surfaces - every one of them have different requirements. From porous wood, marble, caesar stone through to mirrors, tiles, carpets and concretes.

If you need protection on any surface - call us on 1300 500 408 to discuss the RIGHT products for your particular application.