Banishing Graffiti in 3 Easy Steps

Have you ever woken up to your garage doors or front garden fence vandalised with graffiti? How about turned up to work at your beautiful shop to find the window scratched by vandals?

Majority of vandals that graffiti other peoples property love to see their tags on places like shopfronts, trains, fences, playgrounds, sides of commercial buildings and the likes.

A good deterrent will be to remove their graffiti as quickly as possible so the next time they (or their friends) walk by there is nothing there.

The great news is that Unscratch The Surface can respond quickly to such situations and restore your glass, no matter what stage you are in. We have a resolution to all your glass needs from scratch removal to permanent tinting and security film and temporary protection.

If your windows are looking like this and you are wondering what you can do -

The first step is you call us on 1300 500 408 and our technicians will come and remove the scratch.

The second step is we then recommend an Anti-Graffiti Film. This is a optically clear protective film that is easy to remove in case of another attack of vandalism. By installing this removable film, the attackers will only be scratching your film rather than your windows. This film is easily removed and replaced with a new film. This protects your window against scratches or paint. Below is our technician applying Anti Graffiti film to the popular restaurant - The Meatball & Wine Bar in Melbourne.

Anti-Graffiti Film Applied to The MeatBall & Wine Bar after Scratch Removal

Can you imagine... how much time you will save not having to clean graffiti off which can take hours of your precious time.

The third step is necessary if you are attacked again. Call us. We already have your measurements on file and our technicians will reinstall your film. The cost of film replacement is a fraction of the cost of replacing your glass every time.

To conclude, we are saving you time and money by eliminating the need for cleaning paint off your windows or walls another way we save you time as it is quicker than getting your window replaced.

In using our products rather than replacing your glass, you are also contributing to saving the environment! This is an extremely important factor for us as the manufacture of glass produces as much as 2 tonnes of CO2, per 1 tonne of glass and takes about 1 MILLION years to decompose in the environment. Even longer when you consider a protected landfill area.

Our motto is:

Save Time

Save Money

Save the Environment

If you have scratch issues, call Unscratch The Surface and we’ll be right there to take care of the issue and keep your windows clean!

CLICK or call 1300 500 408

Don’t Replace Your Glass – We Can Repair it!