Anti-Graffiti Film - Damage Control The Easy Way

Unscratch The Surface is your go-to company if you want to avoid the time and money cleaning up after vandals after they have scratched, tagged or etched your property. Shop Fronts or properties that have street access are prone to these graffiti-ists coming along and tagging your properties at night time when there is no one about.

How can you stop this?

photo courtesy of Hanita Pacific

Unscratch The Surface is the go to company because not only will we remove the scratch on your glass first without replacing your pane - we can then protect the glass going forward.

Our 4mil Anti Graffiti Universal is an optically clear, low adhesive film that graffiti vandals will never know its even there. This film is thick enough to withstand the worst scratches and not touch the glass beneath.

With no cleaning or scrubbing tirelessly and only the cost of replacing the film, you will never be caught out with the high cost of graffiti removal again.

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to have your property protected from vandals.