When The Competition Isn’t Up to Scratch The Customer Pays Twice


When You're Called in To Remove Scratches from Glass, Timber, and Steel That Other Services Failed at

At Unscratch the Surface we proudly stand behind our excellent reputation of 20 years as surface restoration experts. Whether removing scratches from glass, stainless steel, polycarbonate or even wood surfaces, the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers is paramount.

Lately though, we are being called upon more and more frequently to fix up jobs around Melbourne which our competitors have failed to complete properly.

Scratches are unsightly on windows, timber walls and many other surfaces. This is the case with both commercial and residential properties, making it no surprise many owners like to act quickly to have the issue corrected. Hire Carefully.

Hire Professionals. The majority of this work requires precision and attention to detail.

Not All Companies working in this space are created equal unfortunately. Far from it.

At Unscratch the Surface we’ve set a high benchmark for top quality professional scratch removal workmanship at an attractive price. It’s why we are frequently called upon to redo or fix up the work where other providers have fallen short of standard and customer expectations. You can have complete and total trust in us to do the best job possible. We employ and train the best technicians in the industry. Our standards are high and so that we can exceed yours

Recently we were called to Lendlease and Hacer to repair damage left by another ‘professional’ glass scratch removal company. Having completed this work successfully we were then approached by one of these companies to work on new projects, bearing testament to the superior quality of our work and our commitment to exceptional customer service.

Customers will call us in to repair work started by our competitors and left by them in an unsatisfactory state.

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