Anti-Graffiti Film For Glass


While one can appreciate Melbourne’s beautiful street art, it’s hard to do it once it damages your property. That’s where we come in. Protect yourself from unnecessary vandalism with the help of Unscratch the Surfaces anti-graffiti films.

The films are a plastic cover that you can apply to any exterior surface that you would want to protect from any unwanted paint job.

                                   Graffiti Protection Film 

When any graffiti or paint is applied to the film it can be easily peeled off the surface and replaced once again. This graffiti protection film is a transparent layer, so it does not in any way affect your storefront visually. In addition, the adhesive used to apply the film is easily removable by experts and cannot be removed by the general public.


When applying anti-graffiti film for glass to surfaces, you are giving yourself an extra layer of protection and saving your storefront or surface from potentially hundreds of dollars worth of damage.

Find out how you can get started on protecting your property with us today.


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