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SafetyZone Anti-Graffiti (AG) film provides a tough, invisible layer between vandals and glass or plastic to keep vulnerable surfaces clear, clean and free of scratches.
SafetyZone AG’s special scratch-resistant coating shrugs off most spray, paint and pen, and wipes clean with standard cleaning materials. Removing and replacing etched or scratched film is quick and simple due to the film’s easy-to-remove adhesive.

Universal 4 mil Anti-Graffiti Film
Used to protect glass and mirrors from permanent damage, indoors or out. Graphic tagging can be removed by simple cleaning; surface etching and gouging require replacing the film, but in most cases, the glass remains intact and unblemished.

Universal 6 mil Anti-Graffiti Film
This exterior film has a special coating that was originally developed to tackle daily graffiti challenges on the Paris Metro. It excels in spray resistance and wipeability, and is a universal film for use indoors or out. Its 6 mil construction protects glass from scratching, gouging and etching.

PolyZone Anti-Graffiti film
for Plastic Glazing
Protects polycarbonate and PMMA from graffiti, vandalism and everyday wear and tear. Ideal for flat plastic-glazed bus shelters, safety guards and glass balustrades, walkways, stadiums and pools. Stops graffiti vandals with a wipe-clean surface that shrugs off most spray, paint, pen and acid. Acts as sacrificial film to protect against etching and gouging.