Solar Window Film

Melbourne and Australia, in general, is known to have some of the harshest summers in our region. Excessive UV rays are extremely harmful to human health and pose a consistent threat. Not only in summer but even on a clear winter day, the sun's rays can be a brutal force and extremely harmful to the skin. By adding a solar window film, you can easily protect you and your family from the intense heat rays of the Australian sun.


                                                   Solar Window Tint

 The other benefits of applying a solar window film are :

  1. It acts as a heat rejecter and prevents homes from heating up too much in the summers

  2. Cost-efficient method to save money on your usage of energy inside your homes

  3. High levels of UV protection inside your homes with high SPF

  4. The solar window tint reduces glares in the house and makes for comfortable living


                                              Heat Reflective Window Film 

With our expert services, we ensure that the application of these heat reflective window films is made with care. Unscratch The Surface has taken on many projects on different scales, and we are prepared to make a recommendation based on any requirement you might have no matter what the size.

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