Please review the following items to keep disruptions to a minimum. This will speed up the the installation process and may result in a cleaner installation:


Airborne Dust:

To reduce the likelihood of dust being trapped behind the laminate during the installation process, please close off any air vents (including fans, air conditioners, etc) near the windows that are being laminated. You are also requested NOT to dust, clean or vacuum on the day prior to installation.


As a rule of thumb, our technicians will require a one meter of space directly in front of the windows that are being laminated. Any furniture should be moved away from the window if at all possible prior to the arrival of our technicians.


Window Treatments:

Remove all ornaments, plants etc from the windowsills and the surrounding area. If any window treatments such as blinds or curtains are restricting access to the window, it would be a good idea to remove these as well. Remember that this is a water-based application and anything that needs to stay dry should be removed if possible. We make every effort to keep things dry but the nature of the installation sometimes limits our ability to do so.



Before the installation proceeds, it is a good idea to make a note of any cracked panes or broken window seals on a work site. Any imperfections in the glass, including scratches should be noted and discussed with your consultant. Please note that any stickers or alarm tape must be removed from the window during installation to ensure a proper bond.


On occasions, a technician may need to visit a work site to determine what requirements need to be met for a job to be completed. For high windows, a ladder or scaffolding may need to be set up or furniture may need to be moved. Glass Protection Australia wants to ensure you get the highest quality installation possible and your cooperation in this matter will help us do so. 


Thank you.


Privacy & Security Film - Pre-installation Instructions