Is your glass Up To Scratch?

Compared to replacing your window panes… We can save your $1000’s! Compared to waiting weeks for replacement panes… We can prevent you lots of expensive delays.

Not Just Windows!

Unscratch The Surface can save you $1000’s not just repairing your windows but all things glass.

Mirrors, Kitchen Splashbacks, Shower Screens, Boardroom, Tables, Cabinets, Balustrades, Internal Windows, Aquariums, Public Transport Glass
If its glass we can fix it!

New Technology Removes Deeper Scratches

Our Scratchless Pro technology allows us to get out even deeper scratches without the need to replace your windows. You can now restore all types of scratches:-

Hard Water Stains, Construction Splatter, Installation Scratches, Cleaner Scrapers, Dog Scratches, Vandal Etching & Graffiti, Transportation Scratches, Grinding Sparks, Everyday Uses & Abuse
Damage can be quickly and easily removed!

Zero Visible Distortion

The Unscratch The Surface process removes scratches or acid damage of all sizes quickly — with no discernible distortion.


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Metropolitan Melbourne

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