Dry Out Time:

All of our films use a water-based application. Although the installers attempt to remove as much of the mounting solution as possible, a small amount will remain behind the laminate. This trapped moisture will either resemble small pockets of water or haziness. This is to be expected and is present in virtually every installation. Any moisture will eventually dissipate and should not be pierced, as this will create an unsightly hazy appearance around the piercing.


Drying varies depending on the application and can run from 30 days up to 6 months in extreme cases. Cold weather and the type of laminate will affect the length of drying time. Do not be alarmed. Any moisture will eventually dissipate and does not compromise effective protection. Please note that interior windows can be expected to take significantly longer to cure than a window that receives natural sunlight.


For external scratch cover-up anti-graffiti films, the visibility of most scratches will diminish over time and may take up to a minimum of 10 days before they begin to fade from view. Cold weather and low barometric pressure (i.e rain) may extend this period.



After the laminate is installed, it is wise to wait 30 days before cleaning your windows. This gives the laminate enough time to bond to the window and ensures that you don't inadvertently lift the edge of the film while cleaning. Please remember that the laminate does not have a hard surface of glass and that care should be taken not to use a razor blade or any abrasive cleaning materials to clean the window.  Use 10% washing up liquid diluted in water to clean your windows. Do not use an ammonia solution. Wipe with a synthetic sponge, very soft cloth or chamois leather. Rinse with clean water and wipe off with a squeegee. Final traces of water can be removed with absorbent paper.


Remember: Always tell your window cleaner that you have film installed, and make sure he/she follows the above instructions. Use of a vapor cleaner is not recommended. Use separate window cleaning materials and water when washing exterior and interior windows at the same time. Water used in the exterior washing may contain particles that will scratch the laminate.


Laminate Properties:



With all installations, there may be a few dust particles trapped between the laminate and the glass. This is virtually impossible to avoid and every care is taken by the installer to reduce the amount of dust behind the laminate. Please be aware that the window has been thoroughly cleaned and that any dust particles trapped behind the laminate were airborne and out of control by the installer.


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Privacy & Security Film - Post-installation Instructions