1. Work Hours: Work to be carried out during normal working hours-between 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday unless stated in our quotation.

2. Site Access: Our quotation is based on allowing reasonable access to the work area. If we experience delays of more that 30 minutes that are beyond our control, down time may be charged at the rate of $125 per hour per person in addition to our quotation.

3. Site Induction: Any site induction longer than 30 minutes may incur an additional charge to the quoted price of $125 per hour per person.

4. Security: No allowance has been made for any security requirements or costs while our team are on site, these costs if applicable would be additional to our quotation.

5. Surface Preparation: Except for quotes by Unscratch the Surface Pty Ltd, all surfaces must be smooth and blemish free. Glazing to be clean and free of scratches and chips.

6. Artwork : The Quoted price is subject to the viewing of the finished digital files required to output the digitally printed graphics. We reserve the right to amend our quoted price should artwork require additional manipulation and file preparation in excess of the allocated hours.

7. Lead Times: Lead Times will commence from receipt of : official order / approval of proofs or colours/ appropriate payment.

8. Freight: Unless quoted, any freight is an additional charge.

9. Thermal Stress Fractures: If the glass has been poorly cut, damaged during handling or improperly glazed, breakage could occur. Thermal stress fractures always start from some tiny imperfection in the glass edge because this acts to concentrate the induced stress. For more information please see our thermal stress fracture fact sheet

10. The Scratch Removal Service: allows for –
1. Scratches within 20mm of edge not included
2. Compliance with the AS/NZ 4667:2000 quality standard. For more information please see glass assessment fact sheet
3. Scratch removal carries with it a risk of further glass damage including breakage. All scratch removal is conducted on the understanding that the alternative is glass replacement.

Scratch removal is undertaken on an “all care no responsibility” basis and therefore we accept no liability or responsibility should glass need to be replaced however there will be no labor or material charge for any pane where this occurs.

11. Application / Clean Area: Unless stated otherwise application can only commence once the immediate area surrounding the application site is clean and free of airborne dust, cleaning to be undertake by others, and not included in our pricing.


12. All access supplied  by the customer unless otherwise agreed


13. Window Skin Application to surfaces after installation and prior to wet trades starting, or prior to installation with assistance from the Builder to move the windows


14. Minor clean of existing materials on frames and glass, however clean off larger materials to be completed by the customer


15. Frames Protection -use of  low tack adhesive tape where application of  liquid product is not recommended


16. Window Skin Application  minimum 50m2 per visit unless otherwise agreed


17. Window Protection is removed by the Builder


18. M2 size is calculated on overall dimensions in 300mm units to whole  numbers


19. SPECIAL NOTES: Anodized frames need special care. Recommended protection procedure: Frames should be taped just prior to bricklayers/renderers commencing and should be removed immediately  after completion. Tapes  should not remain on longer than 14-21 days depending on conditions. As no manufacturer of peelable coatings or tape will warranty their product, no warranty can be given

20. Payment Terms: Quote is valid for 30 days. Out terms are 7 days from invoice date unless otherwise agreed. All orders $500 or less where other terms have not been agreed require payment when order is placed. Orders over $500, unless otherwise agreed, require 50% deposit with order and full payment on completion.

21. Late Payment Fee: In default of any payment we reserve the right to charge interest at the rate set out by the Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983 from the due date until the date of actual payment, as well as any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred by us in recovering any outstanding monies which includes but is not limited to debt collection agency fees and solicitors costs. Minimum charge on overdue accounts is $10 per day.

22: Unscratch The Surface - Commercial Grade

STAINLESS STEEL: Surface restoration is targeted in the problem areas only.

This procedure will remove unsightly scratches but it is possible that a faint discolouration could be noticed.

GLASS & ACRYLIC: This two-step process removes scratches by an abrasion technique and the surface is then protected against future damage with the aid of an anti-graffiti film.

This procedure will achieve a high quality finish, excellent clarity, no discernible distortion and the added feature of protection against further attacks.

23: Unscratch The Surface - Residential Grade

STAINLESS STEEL: Surface restoration is targeted over a larger surface area than just the problem areas.

This procedure will achieve a higher quality finish by blending in the restored zones with surrounding areas.

GLASS & ACRYLIC: Surface restoration is targeted over a larger surface area than just the problem areas.

This procedure will achieve a high quality finish by blending in the damage zones with surrounding areas, producing perfect clarity with no discernible distortion.

24. Claims: To make a claim the Customer must contact Unscratch the Surface direct on 1300 500 408 during business hours, by email at accounts@maulex.com.au or by post at PO Box 3114 Frankston East 3199 within 7 days of the technicians attendance.