Protective Skins for Windows is a peelable polymer in an aqueous solution.

  1. Clean surface of window thoroughly and completely before use.

  2. Note any damage and report damage on a form to the builder. Any damage not noted will be assumed to have occurred after the coating was applied.

  3. Use as received by using airless sprayer, brush or roller. Apply to achieve 100 microns dry

  4. PSW air dries quickly depending on humidity, air movement etc.

  5. PSW is easily removed by prying a corner and peeling the film with accumulated debris, paint etc.

  6. PSW t should be stored at a temperature above 16 degrees celsius

Protective Skins for Windows Temporary protective coating for window protection, glass protection, frames, doors against scratches, abrasions and job site dirt and grime. Easy-to-apply, the water-based coating cures to a durable, easy-to-remove “protective skin.”


Fifteen litres covers approximately 90 square meters.


Protective Skins for Windows is a strippable coating engineered for use on a windows and wide variety of non porous surfaces. Typical applications include where a temporary protective coating is desired to protect the surface form damage, scratches, chipping and from exterior and interior environment. Depending on the thickness of the wet film; dry film thickness can range from 25 to 250 microns . .


The application of Protective Skins for Windows will protect surfaces from paint overspray or damage during manufacturing and shipping. Protective Skins for Windows represents the ultimate in non-solvent, water borne, strippable coatings.



Overspray can be cleaned with hot soapy water. PSW can be removed from most porous surfaces with a pressure washer.

Protective Skins for Windows masking paint for windows is easy to brush on. Brushes can be cleaned with soap and water.

Protective Skins for Windows is normally used as received, it can be applied by air or airless spray, roll, or brush. Apply product evenly to produce a dry film thickness of approximately 150-250 microns or wet film thickness of 350-500 microns. Drying time is dependent on temperature. At 20C, product will dry in approximately 24 hours. You can enhance drying time by air movement and other suitable means.

Windows: Apply to the glazing prior to the commencement of the brickwork operation to prevent falling mortar adhering to the glass. A thicker second application on external window face will give excellent protection. Apply internally prior to the plastering operation commencing.

Curtain Wall: Take care not to block drainage sloth, wipe off any residue at the time of application. Ensure the product does not become trapped during the pressure plate and capping operation. Leave an untreated border around the glass perimeter.

Structured Assemblies: Will not affect silicone joint – ensure they are cured prior to film application.

Renovation: Apply to glass that is to remain ‘in situ’, to give excellent protection during the course of building alteration.

Q: Can Protective Skins for Windows strippable coating for window glass be sprayed?

A: Yes, you can spray it. Preferred method is roll or brush on which helps control necessary film thickness to facilitate its removal.

Spray method can cause feather edges and the peelable coating film becomes difficult to remove.


Application Guidelines: 


Apply only with rollers. The use of other methods may apply the product too thinly causing the product to be difficult to peel off.

Do not apply the product: in rain or when the temperature is below 10C

Do not remove the product until fully cured – generally 4-24 hours depending upon temperature and airflow. Product can remain in situ for up to 12 months.

If the product is to be applied to framework, aluminum or PVC once ‘touch dry’, apply a second coat; do not coat handles or locking mechanisms . Do not coat where there is likelihood a vent/door may be opened.

Do not store the product where it may freeze. Ideally, apply towards the end of a working day.

When trained, an applicator should, dependant on site conditions, be able to cover between (25-50m2) per hour.

Immediately Wash out rollers and all other equipments with clean water after use.

Any unused volume of product left in the roller tray may be returned to the storage drum providing it has not begun to set.

Ensure all opened drums are resealed when not in use and during transportation.

Has a shelf life in excess of 12 months when unopened and keep the container closed when not in use.

One litre of peelable coating applied with the roller will cover 6-8m2 of glazing.

Q: Can it be applied inside face of the windows?

A: Yes – if needed. Temporary protection of the inside face of glass is typically not required in residential construction. High rise construction projects typically use PSW on the inside face to protect against damage from other trades.

Before applying Protective Skins for Windows, carefully examine the fixture for any pre-existing damage. If damaged, contact the builder or owner before proceeding with installation of the coating. Do not apply to porous surfaces.

Application time and peeling time are temperature sensitive. 4880 applied to surface can withstand temperatures of minus 30C –to plus 65C for up to a year.

Application temperatures should never be less than 10C .

Peeling temperatures should be between 22C—35C.