Carpet protective film protects those carpets or other textiles surface which used in exhibition halls, hotels, home, office and removal situations. Especially when you are handing over your house, your carpet will be very easily stained, and it will cost much more for cleaning the carpet.

Our carpet protective film thicknesses is 80 microns. The width we supply are normal standard size but can be customized.  We also supply both forward and reverse wound for hand and machine application. The adhesion for carpet film is high or very high level because of the textured surface.

Protective Skins Australia carpet and textile films commits to:​

  1. keeping a stable and controlled adhesiveness – the adhesive level you need throughout the cycle of use

  2. easy removal without tearing, preserving the quality and the impeccable finish of your surfaces without leaving residues, stains or marking once the film is removed.

If you need add a very special effect to your carpet protective film, such as fire retardant, high temperature resistance or others, you can send us an email.