Metal is an ideal material.

It has a big range of applications, especially in construction and manufacturing industries because its strength, durability and aesthetic appeal.

But the metallic surface can be easily damaged. It can be contaminated by solvents, overspray and dust (especially during the fabrication and finishing processes) and marred by chatter marks, scratches or swirls.

Those processes include:

Machining · Brushing · Polishing · Cutting
Bending · Welding · Painting · Assembly
Shipping · Handling · Storage Installation



If the metal surface is damaged at any step of those processes, it will decrease its value. Protective Skins Australia is committed to bringing you reliable, trouble-free solutions for your metal surface. With stable and controlled adhesiveness throughout the

transformation cycles and during storage, Surface Protection Film for Metal provides:


 significant outdoor resistance (3 to 6 months)
no blocking, and easy removal without tearing

“Easy peel” properties for processes requiring quick and easy removal of protection

Preserves the quality and the impeccable finish of your surfaces without leaving residues, stains or marking 

Our protective films can cover almost any type of metal include:

Aluminum (Anodized Matte/Satin, Mill Finish, Polished)
Painted metal
Pre-coated Metals