Is Unscratch The Surface Melbourne’s Best Kept Secret?

If you were unaware that your scratched surfaces can be repaired instead of replaced, then yes. Unscratch The Surface IS the best kept secret.

After 4 years as a Master Franchise of the Protect-a-window, in 2001, Founder Alex Stosic noticed a glaring need for aftermarket repair to windows in the construction industry.

This quickly expanded to a demand across all industries including commercial & residential. This demand has come about due to the increase in windowpane sizes, their expense and replacement turnaround times, coupled with the penchant want for it to be fixed immediately and for as little cost as possible…

With over 30 years sales management experience in the construction industry including Insulco Insulation, Big Smoke Timber and Big J Door Systems. Alex founded Maulex Industries in 2001 with the aim of providing better window protection solutions to the construction industry, something that Alex identified as substandard during his 4 years as the Victorian master franchise for Protect-a-window.

Unscratch The Surface has restored surfaces in many ordinary and extraordinary places, including SSS Steve Irwin from the Sea Shepherd Fleet, V Line Trains, bizarre bookcases and Australia’s most expensive house ever built!

Scratch Removal on Glass Bookcase

Surface restoration and protection is not just for glass repair but can also include Stainless Steel and Polycarbonate.

Unscratch The Surface is the company with the most appropriate, cost-effective solutions to your glazing problems.

Why would you replace your glass and surfaces when you can potentially have them restored!

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