Vandalising Melbourne's Public Transport System

Vandalising Public Transport - Graffiti Removal and Prevention

Graffiti is a part of our everyday city life. Vandalism and graffiti are common on most of the developed world’s urban railway and transit system.

In May this year it was reported that 52 offenders were charged in Melbourne by the police under an anti-graffiti campaign called “Operation Deep Clean”. The X/Trapolis trains have installed Anti Graffiti Film which makes removal of graffiti very quick and easy to clean.

Graffiti on train - Graffiti Removal and Protection

Most world-wide transportation systems exhibit similar characteristics in graffiti and vandalism including the type of damage done (ie, tagging, scratching windows). It is predominantly juvenile offenders amongst those apprehended, the greater frequency of damage in off-peak hours and unsupervised areas. Some think that they are simply decorating barren railway areas.

Graffiti Bus - Graffiti Removal and Protection

Unfortunately, the most damage that vandalism does is in staff morale and passengers’ perceptions of the safety and comfort of the service. To those in authority the issue of controlling graffiti and vandalism is not only one of protecting public property but also of making public transportation systems appear less dangerous and unpleasant areas for possible users. It is clear that the community will not tolerate widespread graffiti and vandalism.

Unscratch The Surface has contributed to making Victoria look cleaner and feel safer, after resurfacing windows on the V/Line Trains. The windows were incredibly scratched and we were able to restore the windows to new.

Graffiti Removal inside V/Line Train

Unscratch The Surface uses a Scratchless Pro Technology – a new technology which allows us to remove a much deeper scratch without the need to replace your windows.

Scratches can be caused by:

  • Hard water stains

  • Construction splatter

  • Installation scratches

  • Cleaner Scrapers

  • Dog Scratches

  • Vandal Etching and Graffiti

  • Transportation Scratches

  • Grinding Sparks

  • Everyday use and abuse

The Unscratch The Surface process removes scratches or acid damage of all sizes quickly — with no discernible distortion.

Graffiti Removal Outside V/Line Train

After your windows are restored we recommend installing our clean Anti-Graffiti Film to stop vandals from repeating their actions. If they do, you just replace the film at a fraction of the repair costs! Problem solved!

If you have scratch issues, call Unscratch The Surface and we’ll be right there to take care of the issue and keep your project on track!

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