Graffiti – Its everyones problem…. But what can we do about it?

Graffiti Rotunda in a Public Park

Estimated costs due to gang-made damages in Australia including - but not limited to graffiti - is about $1.5billion annual Australian dollars. This is a conservative figure because such a value is based on damaging official reports and not all gang-made damages are reported to the police.

There is a high concern when it comes to graffiti and the community. It has a negative impact on community perceptions of safety and public amenity.

Prime locations for graffiti include trains, buses, shelters, vehicles, walls facing streets, traffic signs, statues, vending machines, park benches, electricity poles, billboards, parking garages, schools fences, sheds and business walls.

Graffiti is one of the most notable kinds of crime that may occur within a community.

Other problems related to graffiti include:

  • Public disturbance and anti social behaviours.

  • Material theft in order to make graffiti attacks including spray cans and markers

  • Gang related activities

  • Property shattering such as windows or train and bus seats

What if I said you can protect ANY surface from graffiti!

Unsightly Graffiti on a Public Toilet Door

Protection comes in two forms:

Anti Graffiti Film:

This covers any smooth surface you can think of. There is a different type of film for both glass and polycarbonate. Everything else (like doors, truck cabins and street signs) has a separate film.

The unnoticeable film protects surfaces from paint, key scratches, marking and even acid-etching. When vandalised, the film is easily removed and replaced for clean up – reducing property damage and maintaining aesthetics.

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Anti Graffiti Paint:

This product covers any porous or non-porous surface that is not smooth (like brick and rendered walls and fence palings).

Originally designed to protect oil rigs in the North Sea this fantastically tough non-stick coating has subsequently found a million uses on dry land.

With its life cycle of up to 10 years, Protective Skin for Graffiti is ideally suited for commercial buildings, schools, housing associations and public transport systems.

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