Scratched Glass? No Problems!

A scratch in a glass window or door doesn't mean you have to replace your glass. Nor do you have to live with it! Unscratch The Surface is the leading professionals in restoring and repairing your scratched glass so you don't need to replace it.

Do you have windows that look like this?

Scratches can be made by many different causes such as dirty window wipers, abrasive cleaners, vandalism and graffiti, dog scratches, construction clean up and many other accidental causes. Remove scratches, acid etching, paint, grinding marks, concrete and render spatter with our ultra-efficient service saving time and money at your home or place of business.

With our unique 3 step grinding/polishing system you can have the smallest or the deepest scratches repaired with no discernible distortion. Scratches can be removed from most types of glass and we restore the finish to the Australian Standards (AS/NZ4667..2000) for the appearance of newly installed glass. Repair your in-situ splash backs, pool fencing and glass balustrades at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Our professionally trained technicians have the knowledge and bring the know-how to every job and also have white cards to enable them to work on any residential or construction site. At any point during your project we can attend your site to restore your glass back to its original profile and integrity and without distortion. We can work with you on a one-off call out, to a planned maintenance programme..

NOT JUST GLASS: We also repair mirrors and stainless steel including benches, cooktops, splash backs, fridges and large kitchen appliances..

If you have glass damage - we can fix it!

Email, Call 1300 500 408 or Click for a Quick Quote So We Can Repair Your Scratches.