Product Showcase - Flowmask "Delicate" Paper Tape

Flowmask "Delicate Paper Tape -

For those of you who has read previously about tapes (Click here to read) you'll probably realise that buying a protective tape might not be as easy as expected.

However, there is good news! I am going to start making it easy for you. We are reviewing the Flowmask "Delicate" Paper Masking Tape and I am reviewing this tape because it is incredibly versatile.

As its name suggests, its a low tack acrylic adhesive attached to a Japanese rice paper. The acrylic adhesive has excellent UV stability and thermal range from 0 - 100°C.

This very thinly constructed tape is designed for quality masking applications, fineline masking and detail work on smooth surfaces. The papers finish does not repel paints and so gives a very clean crisp edge on removal of the tape, without the chipping or flaking of paint.

Masking tape used in automativce oven

We can safely use this tape on such surfaces as fragile wallpaper, freshly painted plaster and polished floorboards without leaving a residue. Due to its high temperature range of 100°C, it can also be used in automotive low-bake ovens, where they love the tape because it is so thin but dense. This stops bleed through, even with solvent heavy paint finishes, giving a beautiful clean masked edge finish.

Although its construction is thin enough to be torn by hand, its tensile strength (the resistance to breaking under pressure) is still strong enough to be removed in one strip without breaking into smaller sections.

For protecting your polished floors or bench tops with such products as our new TwinSHIELD protective sheeting, you are to use a more aggressive adhesive to ensure it doesn't move and on such delicate surfaces, you would certainly be disappointed in the end result as it will more than likely ruin your finish. The Flowmask tape can surely solve this issue as it can be laid directly on your surface and then you may apply the adhesive with a much stronger bond on top of the rice paper tape - protecting your investment.

Your surfaces must be clean, dry and free from grease and dust for this product to work at its optimum potential. It must also be noted that this is a pressure sensitive tape, and thus maximum pressure must be applied to achieve maximum adhesion levels. It is recommended that this tape be applied in a temperature range of 15°C and 30°C.

Available by the roll -

12mm x 50m for $4.08 (ex GST) per roll

18mm x 50m for $5.49 (ex GST) per roll

24mm x 50m for $7.13 (ex GST) per roll

Also available in 48mm, 72mm, 96mm, 120mm widths - please call to request prices

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