Scratches in Shower Screens

Scratched shower screen glass can ruin the whole look of a bathroom, and can also compromise the strength and safety of your glass.

Accidental scratches happen, but the good news is Unscratch The Surface can remove such damage at a fraction of the cost of replacing your screens. We quite often see these in rental properties (yes, we can help you get your bond back) and in new properties where the screens are accidentally damaged in installation or transportation.

The shower screen glass is bound by strict Australian and New Zealand guidelines (AS/NZS1288 2208). The glass must be toughened, laminated or wired safety glass.

Toughened Glass is made by heating the glass to a high temperature and then allowed to cool. It will shatter into tiny pieces if broken avoiding serious injury from large shards. This type of glass is used in semi frameless and frameless.

Laminated safety glass is very popular for fully frames shower screens. It cannot be used for frameless showers. This glass is manufactured to prevent large shards from causing serious injury by shattering into small pieces. It gains its strength with a PVC film that is through the centre of the pane.

Wired Safety Glass is not so popular anymore - probably because the wire is visible, but is still used. This glass also cannot be used for frameless showers. In this case a wire mesh is fused between two pieces of glass. The wire holds the shards of glass together.

Here is a fine example of how we can repair a scratched shower screen. This one was a few days before the handover from builder to client.

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