10 Ways to Ensure Your Home is Secure

Your home is often seen as your "safe place". Your sanctuary is where you can be yourself.

If you have been broken into you'll know that there is more that is taken besides physical objects. Your sense of security is gone. The feeling of uneasiness will remain for a time. To help you feel safe in your own home again, we have put together a list of guidelines to get you back on track.

Its also a list for those that want to deter anyone from breaking in for the future.

· Ensure you have locks on all your windows (this will also lower your home & contents insurance) and make a conscious effort to lock your doors and windows every time you leave home

· Engrave or Microdot (buy DatadotDNA here) all your high value items

· Keep your valuables hidden

· Secure your windows with an optically clear security film

· Make sure your house looks lived in. Tend to your garden and keep it nice and neat

· Install motion sensor lights and consider installing CCTV outside

· Use a password management system. This is for individuals to organize and encrypt many personal passwords using a single login.

· Buy an alarm system and keep it maintained

· Join your neighbourhood watch and get to know your neighbours

· Store away your garden tools

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