An Exciting New Product Launch for Unscratch The Surface

Unscratch The Surface has just launched a new product range. We now have alternate ways to protect your surfaces from damage and graffiti.

Stainless Steel Alternate to Repair

New Metal Shield and Mirror Shield is an alternate way of refreshing your surfaces without having to replace or repair them. This sacrificial protective film offers protection in the event of future marking. This distinctive film has the look of a mirror or a stainless steel finish, and can easily be removed and replaced - providing a continuous original appearance.

Mirror Shield alternate to repair

This film is a highly durable and strong and has a masking ability to cover existing damage without needing to replace or repair your surfaces first.

Mirror Shield is an opaque film with a reflective mirror finish which masks any imperfection - including vandalism or spontaneous ageing.

Metal Shield's veneer is of a stainless steel grain - blending in seamlessly with your existing stainless steel.

Ideal surfaces for Metal Shield and Mirror Shield include but not limited to:-

Restrooms, Elevators, Escalators, Vending and Ticket Machines, Fuel Pumps, Public Transport, Hospitals, Hotels & Restaurants

BONUS FEATURE: This product is also a cost effective way to upgrade your surfaces - You can give any surface a mirror or stainless steel look!

CLICK, Email or Call 1300 500 408 to arrange your quote or have our technician come and restore your Mirror or Stainless Steel Surfaces.

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